The history of the pastry shop
On the 1st Mai 1928 the Konditorei "Erich Schindel" in Bad Elster was opened. Confectioner Erich Schindel, son of the famous horticulture inspector Paul Schindel opened the pastry shop first as a small shop in Bad Elster Ascherstraße 2c in the house "Fürst Bismarck". Due to the good quality of the baked goods the cake shop soon conquered a good reputation. Restaurants and health boards were supplied with pies, cakes and ice cream. In 1938 a small café was built-on. In 1945 the cake shop was expropriated. Confectioner Erich Schindel and his wife Traude have then worked for different users (soviet-consumption-trade organization of the German Democratic Republic) until 1952. In Pentecost 1952 Erich got his trade certificate back.
Son Peter started his apprenticeship as a confectioner. In 1957 the company founder Erich died. His wife Traude Schindel carried on the pastry shop until 1958. Since the 1st January 1959 confectioner Peter Schindel with his later wife Elsbeth takes over the pastry shop. In 1977 his younger son Bernd Schindel started his apprenticeship. In 1984 he takes his examination for the master craftsman's certificate. On the 1st June 1993 Peter and Bernd Schindel founded the
"Konditorei Erich Schindel GbR"
Since the 1st September 2002 the pastry shop is administrated by Bernd and Antje Schindel. Hotel management assistant Frank Schindel, one of the great-grandchildren of the founder Erich Schindel, who has worked several years in the family business, puts the foundation stone for the continuation of the family tradition, in fourth generation, with his pastry apprenticeship.
The pastry shop today is a modern, capable business in which is produced both in the traditional way and the present-day needs. Our highest aim is it to satisfy guests and residents of Bad Elster. Therefor we will invite you to our cozy pastry shop and café or in our gorgeous coffee garden, with the view on 200 years old oak trees and the Gondelteich which is located in the adjoin "Paul Schindel Park".
We look forward to your visit!
The team of the Konditorei "Erich Schindel"